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Please find our storage options as below,

Storage Size Price
100MB Free
1GB £2.99+vat

Our standard package comes with 100MB mailbox storage. It should be sufficient if the nursery is using POP server and they’re downloading and storing the email attachments in your own PC. When the nursery choose to use IMAP server, they may consider upgrading their mailbox size to 1GB, to enjoy more storage space.

No. There is no minimum contract to tie you down.

We believe Standing Order would benefit your nursery and our company. It may reduce the hassle of remembering to write cheques/make manual payment every month. And we are giving you a deal of free 1x month web hosting fee when you signed the Purchase Order and Standing Order together as a confirmation of the order. This 1x month free hosting fee is giving you time to make changes to the design and make sure everything is right to go live.

Normally once the website is done set up and live, we will provide you the login details and user guide hence you may easily update your website content, adding latest news and so on through our control panel and web editor. In a meantime, if you have any problem you may let us know, we are more than happy to support you.

Upon receiving the order and full upfront payment from you, our web designer will come up with a design within a week. Your comments and suggestions will be most welcomed and we will do unlimited changes until you’re fully satisfied. Normally, your website will be completed in 2-3 weeks’ time. However, if you have urgent time requirements, we will try our best to meet it.

Your nursery. They are your property at all times.

We use a specialized content management system to host your website. So you will need to find a hosting provider with a compatible content management system.

No. We will guarantee this fixed price forever.


We have an extensive range of stock photos which could be used free of charge. However many nurseries would also like to include some of their own nursery’s photos.

Yes, you will have an assigned graphics designer who will be taking care of your website design and updates.

We would need 1 month notice period for the termination of website services.

Yes, we will provide a website demo site for you to preview the overall outcome and you can let us know if any changes are required.

No. We could give you the access link together with login detail for you to edit your website anytime.

For standard content amendment, we live the changes within 1-2 working days. If the amendment is complex such as implementing new features or adding content pages, we would need more than 2 working days to live the changes.

There are no individual pricing. Our monthly website hosting fees include:

1. Hosting a domain, website, and email

2. Unlimited website updates

3. Login Content Management System to easily news, calendars, gallery, downloads and more, all by yourselves

4. Maintaining Google Natural Listing, Google Paid Listing, Google Business Listing

Kindly provide us with any existing photos or files that you have as reference. Our graphic designers will optimise the image / video so that it looks good as a marketing material.

For example, good quality photos will be selected as banner images and home page. Other low res photos could be used within website content, to further enhance the content information.

Here are some tips to keep your website and email secure.

1. Your website is live with SSL Certificate which is GDPR Complaint. It helps to secure data transfers, logins and other personal information.

2. DKIM is implemented on your website domain. It helps to prevent your emails from being marked as malicious mail.

3. Backup your email regularly. It helps to increase server performance and prevent you from losing data.

4. Check your password. The password should be changed at least twice per year and always make a complicated password to keep your data secure.

5. Do not simply install third party extension for your web browser. Some third party extensions could be dangerous for your website.

6. Always cleaning up your cache and cookies. This allows you to avoid browser errors as well as allowing you to preserve your online security.

7. Tighten network security. Ensure that all devices plugged into the network are scanned for malware each time they are attached

8. Use Firewall/ Anti-Malware Software. These software acts as buffers between you, your computer and outside intruder which help to keep your website from intrusion.

Once the draft design is confirmed, we will proceed to build the demo site (build the actual website using html). You could request to on hold the demo site process if you would like to finalize the design. If you need to on hold and have changes on the draft design, we are happy to come out with few designs for you to choose from. We do not recommend to change the design after the demo site is built as restructure the layout design is like rebuiding the whole website. It takes a lot of time and effort of a designer. In this case, we will consider it as Redesign, where there will be an extra Redesign fees charged.

However, changes for the contents such as texts, photos and arrangement of information, are all welcomed. Just send the latest contents to us at [email protected], our designers will help to update it for you into the new websites.  


Before domain transfer, please make sure to back up all your emails created under the domain.
For domain transfer in please follow the step by step by choosing your transfer below:

Before domain transfer, please make sure you have backup all your emails created under your domain.
For transferring away your domain from NurseryWeb, please follow the step by step by choosing your transfer below:

A whitelist is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names which able to let an email blocking program to receive your email. Click here for set up whitelist user guide.

A blacklist is a list of servers or domains that a blacklist operator has found to send spam. Click here for set up Blacklist User Guide.

An auto respond is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. Click here for set up Auto Respond User Guide.

You could reset your email password through Webmail. Click here for Reset Password User Guide.

A mail redirection is a special case an email forward, where the message appears to come from the original sender. Click here for Mail Redirection User Guide.

An email signature is a block of text appended to the end of an email message which often contains the sender’s name and contact information. Click here for Email Signature User Guide.

A spam filter help to reduce the mail detected as spam from entering your inbox and a mailbox filter allow you to avoid emails with specific text in an email from entering your inbox. Click here for Spam and Mailbox Filter User Guide.

Due to certain email limitations to send out documents, we suggest our user to use WeTransfer to share your files to us. WeTransfer is simple to use and no registration is needed. However, you can only send up to 2GB at a time through a transfer link and the link will automatic delete after one week. Click here for WeTransfer User Guide.

An auto respond is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. Click here for set up Auto Responder in Outlook User Guide.

You could access your email online through Webmail by using this link

You are able to backup your emails in outlook, click here for Backup Emails in Outlook User Guide.

As a standard practice, we would require our customer to send a written termination notice with company name and termination date either by email or by post, we do not accept any termination request over the phone.

Moreover, we would require at least 1-month notice period to website termination. 

After all the previous and existing outstanding balance is cleared, we would proceed to transfer out the domain for you. 

Due to certain email limitations to send out documents, we suggest our user to use Google Drive to share files to us. Click here for Share Files Using Google Drive.

Due to certain email limitations to send out documents, we suggest our user to use Dropbox to share files to us. Click here for Share Files Using Dropbox.

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