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NurseryWeb - Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

You need to decide the domain name of your new website. If you are a new nursery website, this domain checker may help you to find what is available.  A domain is recommended for UK business Google search.
FAQ: “ Is nursery have the full ownership of the website domain?”
The ownership of the domain name is 100% yours, you can choose to transfer out at anytime as you wish.
NurseryWeb - Get Started with Layout Design

Building Your Website in 3 Weeks

Usually, it would take 3-4 weeks to launched a website. Our designer will consult you based on your ethos, environments and settings. Starter Checklist will help you on getting start now.

NurseryWeb - Stock Photos

Images and Graphics of Your Website

If you are existing nursery, you may want to send us photographs taken at your nursery and your prospectus is a great start. If you are new settings and do not have any ready image, we do have stock photos and standard content which you can use for free.

NurseryWeb - New Website Launched Banner

Launching Your Website

We will forward you a draft for you to approve before we go ahead in complete the website. The website will only go ahead after you gave us the full approve permission.

NurseryWeb- Website in Dekstop View

Growing Your Website With Your Nursery

Some nurseries would want to build a full website right from the beginning, but most nursery choose to start off with 5 pages and add few more pages every year. We are happy to help you to do that with no extra cost involved.

NurseryWeb - Google Map Listing

Marketing Your Website

We will help you to optimised your website for Google search listing and Google business listing. The aims is, if you search for “e.g. Nursery in London”, your website should ranked at the top of the page.

Get Started with NurseryWeb

Handover Pack

After we launched your website, we will pass you a handover pack with details of emails account, login and password for your control panel.

NurseryWeb - Look After the Website for You

We will Continue to Look After You

Your website package includes unlimited updates if there is any changes or enquiries youy have regarding to your website or email. We are always here to help.

Normally, your website will be completed 2 - 3 weeks’ time. However, if you have urgent time requirements, we will try our best to meet it and it would also depends on your feedback rate

About NurseryWeb

We’ve been building thousands of websites for nurseries over the last 10 years. We understand each nursery has their unique needs and settings and tailor made a web solution for the nurseries. We are proud of each our own creation!

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